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          Anatomy of a Restoration

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The following pictures were taken during the restoration of a 1964 Silver Eagle.  This restoration required 77 hours to complete. Notice that the scooter did not look to bad before the work started but was actually in poor shape, especially under the chassis. A summary of the hours required for each part of the project is presented at the end of this article.

64BEFORE.jpg (44451 bytes)

This is the scooter before restoration.

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eleven.jpg (35959 bytes)

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fifteen.jpg (48160 bytes)

Eagle64.jpg (45268 bytes)

This is the completed restoration


Disassemble Scooter completely, remove fork bushings 6.00
Clean all small parts & paint 5.25
Clean, prime and paint engine 7.00
Clean, prime and paint transmission 3.75
Rebuild, prime and paint clutch 3.00
Miscellaneous repairs 3.00
Sand blast everything except engine and transmission 6.00
Metal preparation, prime, surface & sanding 9.50
Paint Black parts three coats 7.00
Paint Red parts 3 coats 3.25
Rebuild hubs and fork 4.00
Prep, prime and paint hubs & install tires 2.50
Assemble scooter from parts & road test 16.50
Total Hours for restoration 76.75

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